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Coming to the The Zoo?

There is still plenty to see and do at the Zoo in the Fall. Most of the animals including lions, tigers, and bears remain available. However, after Labor Day our seasonal experiences and exhibits begin to close down, cooler temperatures kick in and summer staff returns to school. For example, our wallabies and camels return to their winter home in a warmer climate by mid-September. Still...there are lots of animals to see and enjoy! So come and visit soon.

Zoo Goes Boo!

Monster Mash

Christmas for the Animals

The Forever Fund, established December 2013, celebrates the past accomplishment of the John Ball Zoo Society as it supported John Ball Zoo for over 60 years AND plants the seed for the Zoo's continued greatness. The Forever Fund is dedicated to funding the Zoo's greatest needs and making the greatest impact. No gift is too large or too small. Memorial and commemorative gifts are welcome. Learn more here

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Media Featuring John Ball Zoo

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"Training Their Dragons", by Central Michigan film student Sonya Petrakovitz.
Winter Journal Archive
"Walk Through Wednesdays", winter '09-'10 video clips.
"Lion enrichment", 2009 Zoo Goes Boo.
"An Inside Look at John Ball Zoo" with Brenda Stringer, Executive Director, John Ball Zoo Society.
Video tour of John Ball Zoo, featuring then Zoo Director Bert Vescolani and produced by Grand Rapids Press.
Chimp Clip, produced by Grand Rapids Community Media Center.
Black footed kittens - small but mighty.
Flickr has a John Ball Zoo Group Pool. Enjoy photos of other visitors.