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Welcome to John Ball Zoo!

A "spring" Zoo changes almost daily with the weather! The warmer it gets, the more animals come out! Grizzly, big cats, chimps and all the inside animals are always available! Ropes Course, Zipline open mid-May!

Hours and Rates

Party for the Planet

Party for the Planet

Saturday, May 2, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

This national celebration of Earth Day teaches us that we're not alone in our efforts to protect our earth's resources. Join us and our conservation partners to talk about how small actions mean big change for wildlife! Bring your recyclables !


RZ 2015

It’s time to Dive In and make a splash at John Ball Zoo's annual fundraising event RendeZoo 2015! Nowhere else in Grand Rapids can you enjoy a cocktail, a tiger, and the great outdoors except at John Ball Zoo’s RendeZoo. Tickets for the main event are $60 per individual.

Purchase your ticket online now!

Animal Sponsorship

By sponsoring an animal, you not only help in the care and feeding our animal at John Ball Zoo, but also support conservation programs near and far. For our animals and those in the wild, their future depends on you!

Animal Sponsorship Program: Animals! Animals!

Media Featuring John Ball Zoo

John Ball Zoo YouTube channel Check out our videos!
Learn about our Mexican porcupine with Melinda Robinett, Education Program Manger.
"Training Their Dragons", by Central Michigan film student Sonya Petrakovitz.
"Lion enrichment", 2009 Zoo Goes Boo.
"An Inside Look at John Ball Zoo" with Brenda Stringer, Institutional Advancement Director.
Video tour of John Ball Zoo, featuring then Zoo Director Bert Vescolani and produced by Grand Rapids Press.
Chimp Clip, produced by Grand Rapids Community Media Center.
Black footed kittens - small but mighty.
John Ball Zoo. Enjoy photos of other visitors on Flickr.