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Fourth of July

We are open 9:00 am- 6:00 pm during the holiday weekend. All of us at the Zoo wish you a happy and safe 4th.

Crawford Tigers of the Realm - River Habitat, now open

Tiger - River RealmThe new River Realm and Tiger Trail expand the current tiger habitat by 1,800 square feet. It provides a large pool and waterfall and is connected to the upper habitat by 200-feet of trail that will allow the tigers to travel from habitat to habitat or from their indoor dens to one or another habitat.

Get eye-to-eye with tigers or find them walking the trail next to you! The new space will allow the tigers to move around you! More space and more options!




Daily Programs

Bear TraininWhat animal demonstrations and trainings will be scheduled during your visit? Be sure to check the Animal Programs Board when you enter the Zoo to find out (in front of bald eagles)! Every day is different, but every day you'll find something that will make you laugh, make you learn, and make your day fun!







Animal Sponsorship

By sponsoring an animal, you not only help in the care and feeding our animals at John Ball Zoo, but also support conservation programs near and far. For our animals and those in the wild, their future depends on you!

Animal Sponsorship Program: Animals! Animals!

Media Featuring John Ball Zoo

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