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Tim Sampson

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Tim has been working at Zoos and with animals since he has been eight years old.  He started as a volunteer at the Cincinnati Zoo in the Children's Zoo.  Although Tim worked in mulitple areas of the Zoo, he also had the opportunity to work with the frozen embryo project.   After high school, Tim attended the Exotic Animal Training and Management program at Moorpark College.  That education led him to a career training animals for movies and TV.  He worked with Siegfried and Roy in Las Vegas,  in Parrot Jungle in Miami, and trained dolphins at Ocean World in Fort Lauderdale.    

Tim serves as Animal Care Supervisor here at John Ball Zoo.  Tim and his team work primarily with large carnivores, hoofstock and aquarium animals.  


Posts by Tim Sampson


Twice a year the stingrays and Bamboo sharks go through an assisted migration from their winter home to their summer home here at John Ball Zoo. This is a process that the staff is very efficient at (with the cooperation of the stingrays and sharks of course).