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Shannon King

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Shannon has been a John Ball Zookeeper for four years, but she was taking care of the stingrays and sharks for a few years before.   Back then the stingrays was a traveling exhibit owned by Living Exhibits.  She received her Bachelor in Animal Biology from GVSU!

Shannon hails from Marine City but currently lives in Grand Haven with her husband Tim and her two cats!  She is an avid crafter who quilts and sews! 

Her surprising ‘fun fact’?  She was a pre-school teacher before she became an animal care specialist.  

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Being able to see the support we get from the surrounding communities. We get to see many different ways our community is involved here at the zoo, from financial and material donations to all the volunteers that donate their time and energy to the zoo. I have a great story to share highlighting how one persons idea brought some excitement and joy to our lions.