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Being able to see the support we get from the surrounding communities. We get to see many different ways our community is involved here at the zoo, from financial and material donations to all the volunteers that donate their time and energy to the zoo. I have a great story to share highlighting how one persons idea brought some excitement and joy to our lions. 

Frogs and Fake Poop

As April Fools’ Day rolls around, I am occasionally asked what types of pranks zoo keepers pull on each other.  Unfortunately the answer is pretty boring.  Zoo keepers are intensely professional and never pull pranks.  They would never yell “Look out! It’s not coming!” while checking for eggs in the nest of a large crocodilian.  


Normally, during a winter here at John Ball Zoo, our North American river otters can still be on exhibit in the cold and snow.  They are a native species that have a fairly large range over North America being found close to any coasts and waterways.  This winter has been a little more challenging as far as getting the otters outside!  We usually have a pool running for them with a bubbler running air bubbles to keep the water open.  This year however, there were some days that the otters just could not go outside; the bubbler and the keepers’ hard work chopping the ice couldn’t keep up with the weeks of low to subzero temperatures forming extremely thick ice.  

Keeping your Zoo Healthy: Routine Vaccinations

Veterinary Care at the John Ball Zoo

Ryan Colburn, DVM


If you’re a pet owner, you are very familiar with the importance of vaccinations.  The annual trip to the veterinarian’s office for a routine check up often includes one or more vaccines to keep your pet protected and up to date.