On 14 March, in the Living Shores Aquarium, animal care staff prepped the penguin exhibit for breeding season. In the wild Magellanic penguins collect small stones and grasses to place in the burrows they dig into the soil. Here, the burrows are pre-formed as part of the exhibit. And as there are is no loose soil, half to one inch stones are placed in burrows being used by the birds. Plastic grasses are also made available to the flock. The birds will then compete to gather the grasses and sometimes the stones to add to their burrows. They will then lay their eggs on top of the grasses and stones. Thievery of stones and grasses from burrows is ongoing throughout the nesting season.  So when you stop by the zoo in the next month or so take a look and see if any of the birds are walking off with another’s house building materials.

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