What does this have to do with JBZ you ask? Honestly nothing.  But with the way my mind wanders this wedding lead me to think about ‘cougars’.  (You know,  when an older woman is involved with a younger man.)  Their story proved that ‘cougars’ existed even before the term became popular.  And although this was not the first such stories I’ve seen, it was probably the most extreme. And it brought to mind some of the ‘cougars’ we have at JBZ. 

When you come to visit the zoo this summer you’ll see not one but two potential ‘cougars’ in our female African lions.  Over the winter we received our new male, Kiume.   At two years of age his mane is just beginning to come in, but in the future, he'll be introduced to our two females,  Abena and Bakari.   He’s a pre-teen in comparison to his potential ‘brides’ who will both turn seven later this year.

Just a couple exhibits over you’ll see one of our ‘cougars’ in another of the African exhibits.  Many of you will believe that the biggest, and ‘ugliest’ of our warthogs is the male.  Not so.  Late last year we began to introduce our new male, Theo who’s a mere lad of three, to Morticia our resident female, a mature lady of twelve. (She is - for now - the one with the larger tusks.) They are getting along splendidly and while he was still unsure out in the exhibit last fall, he’ll do fine this summer outside with her.

So when at the zoo this summer, just remember that there are mountain lions in the North American run next door to the new bear exhibit, but there are ‘cougars’ in the African area.


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