Most people don’t realize that in our petting corral area houses more than our goats and sheep! The whole second level of the barn contains what we call our education animals.

These animals are the ones that go out to visit schools and libraries. They also occasionally come out into the zoo to be touched and seen by you, our visitors! One of those animals     you haven’t seen yet. Her name is Major and she is our Military Macaw!

She was born in August of 2011, so she will be turning 3 this summer. Major came to us from another zoo back in November of 2011. As with all animals she stayed at our hospital for a short time to make sure she was healthy before coming down to stay with us at the red barn!

Major is a rambunctious bird who loves to play and enjoys her time with all the volunteers and staff that pass through the red barn. Being a soon-to-be-3-year-old, Major wants to do "her thing", wants attention, and is great at temper tantrums! She is a good talker who loves to mimic other birds and even us! She is learning new behaviors and words every day (even without us meaning to teach her).  One of those behaviors is to crate train. For those of you that have a dog, you might have taught them to be in a crate while you are gone, or to sleep. For Major,  it is for transportation. Our hope is that eventually she can be taken out to schools or to an exhibit on our Far Side of the World Trail so that all  of our guests will meet her! At the moment she still isn’t too sure about her crate, but with positive reinforcement, she will decide its great!

I hope one day soon everyone will have a chance to meet her, as she is an absolute sweetheart and I love having the chance to work with her!

About Kristi Koole

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Kristi started her career at John Ball Zoo in guest programs supervising the event staff.  In 2011, she became a Zookeeper.

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