This will probably cause some aggression between the remaining exhibit birds as they decide whether to change mates or stay with the old. Of course, being a managed population, we hope they will pair with a bird that is genetically compatible. Often the birds are not compatible and we end up not hatching out any eggs they may lay. Magellanic Penguins usually lay two eggs that take about 42 to 44 days to hatch. Due to the humidity problems we usually have in the aquarium, we pull at least one egg from the nest to artificially incubate. You can tell who is paired with whom by looking closely at where the birds are standing or lying. Pairs are right next to each other in, or standing or lying, right next to their burrow. As spring moves into summer, you might catch a view of an egg or even a chick.

And here's a video of the baby penguins being fed.

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