The Sheep get a Hair Cut!

If you visit Red’s Hobby Farm you may notice that our sheep look skinnier.  That’s not because of a new diet, it’s because they’ve been recently shorn.Sheep BEFORE shearing

Our two Polypay Sheep, Benny and Brownie grow a wool coat throughout the winter.  This keeps them plenty warm.  But when spring comes around that thick warm coat winds up being too hot!  So we use a sheep shearing clippers to give them a trim.  They are much more comfortable after losing all that wool.Sheep After Shearing

Our other two sheep, Priscilla and Bob, don’t need to be shorn.  That’s because they are Katahdin sheep bred for warm climates.  Instead of wool, they have a thick coat of hair that sheds out when the temperature gets warm.

So what do we do with all the wool from Brownie and Benny?  We don’t knit it into sweaters for the keepers, we use it for enrichment.  Our lions, bears, and soon tigers will be excited to come across a smelly piece of sheep wool in their exhibits.  

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Keeper Dan has always shown an interest in the small things.  This fascination led to a career in Entomology, the study of insects.  He also likes small people, and thinks zoos are one of the best ways to get kids excited about our natural world.  

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