Name: Donnie (male)

Birthday: 1/25/1979

Captive born at Parc Safari (Quebec)

Characteristics: scars, bent toes, crooked pinky finger

Approx weight: 125lbs

Uncle to Kiambi

DONNIE – 34 years old.  He ranks in the middle of the group but sometimes tries to be the leader.  He tends to start fights, but this is totally normal in chimp groups.  He is somewhat of a slow learner and can sometimes be clumsy. 



Name: Sammy (male)

Birthday: 6/16/1978

Captive born at: Kansas City Zoological Park

Characteristics: white ‘beard’

Approx weight: 143lbs

SAMMY – 34 years old.  He is big, strong and very athletic.  Sammy is the peace keeper of the group and does not use his strength against any of the other chimps.  You can recognize him because he usually sits by the exhibit windows to ‘people watch’.  In his spare time he likes to paint or color pictures. 



Name: Sanga (female)

Birthday: 10/28/1984

Captive born at: Tulsa Zoo & Living Museum

Characteristics: bald head

Approx weight: 95lbs

Mother of Kiambi

SANGA – 28 years old.  She is the alpha-female of the group.  Although the smallest one in the troop, she has the biggest attitude.  She is extremely intelligent and very athletic.  Kiambi is her daughter.  Her favorite color is green.



Name: Peggy (female)

Birthday: estimated 7/1969

Wild born in: Africa

Characteristics: very pink around mouth area

Approx weight: 93lbs

PEGGY – 44 years old.  She ranks second in the troop and is usually always with Sanga.  She likes to greet people that she knows with her lips stretched out into a small grin. She is a favorite among the keepers because she is very easy going. 


Name: Kiambi (female)

Birthday: 3/22/1998

Captive born at: Detroit Zoo

Characteristics: likes to stir up trouble in the troop

Approx weight: 120lbs

Daughter of Sanga

Niece of Donnie

KIAMBI – 15 years old.  She is the youngest in the group.  She is also very intelligent,  athletic and the most active of all the chimps.  She loves to stir up trouble but her antics certainly get the others their daily exercise.  She also ranks in the middle of the group. 



Name: Susie (female)

Birthday: 7/1/1987

Captive born at: Lincoln Park Zoo

Characteristics: largest chimp, dark coloration

Approx weight: 175 lbs

SUSIE – 25 years old.  Susie is the largest chimp in the group.  (We like to say she is big boned)  She is one of the lowest ranking in the group.  Susie is quite easy to work with and is well trained for many of the health care behaviors we encourage.


Name: Jody (female)

Birthday: 2/21/1987

Captive born at: Potawatomi Zoo

Characteristics: limps slightly, torn ears

Approx weight: 118lbs

JODY – 26 years old.  Jody has diabetes and must have daily insulin shots.  You may notice that walks a bit “funny” because we believe she had a slight stroke last winter.   She and Kiambi are best friends and sometimes Kiambi protects her.  Jody & Sammy are the lowest ranking chimps of the troop.  These two came to us from the Potowatami Zoo. 







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#1 Samantha said:

I love Sammy the best. I know everyone by name. My husband and I go here a lot with our son. I saw some of Sammy's paintings. It would be nice to see them more often.

#2 Samantha said:

I was wondering what happened to Sammy and wanting him to breed with the females?

#3 Kristen said:

What type of Chimps are these?

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