Celebrating 20,000 Views

Blow out the candles and make a big blog wish, we’re celebrating 20,000 views of our Zoo Blog and over a hundred subscribers. We’re also averaging over 400 views on the first day we post a blog.  So thank you to our Zoo Keepers who have made this happen.  So much great content and so many fascinating stories.  Also a major thank you to you our subscribers.  Every time you read a blog, post on Facebook, share a comment, or ask a question that gives everyone a big boost and confidence that we are moving in the right direction.  Let’s shoot for 50,000 views and 1000 subscribers-we can do this with your help.

We decided to recognize this milestone for our blog that started less than a year ago with a little contest for our subscribers.  We are inviting you to send us some topics you’d like to hear about from the zookeepers.  Maybe you have a special interest in our lemurs. Send us a note that you’d like to read a blog about our troop and the individuals. Maybe you’ve always wondered how the veterinarian gives medication to a fish. Send us an e-mail. Whatever you’d like to know more about is what we’d love to know.  We’ll pick three or four winners and those folks and their families will be invited participate in a very special animal experience on Sat.-Dec. 7 at Christmas With the Animals.

Just send your ideas to info@jbzoo.org  with the subject line “Zoo Blog Ideas” and celebrate along with us.

About Brenda Stringer

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Brenda started life on a farm in Central Illinois. From gathering eggs and raising pigs, she went on to get a Bachelor’s degree in English from Northern Illinois University and a Master’s degree in Theatre from Illinois State University.  Working at a Zoo just seemed to be the logical next step! Brenda is the Executive Director of the John Ball Zoo Society. 

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