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Tagged: Cheryl Dykstra

CHILEAN FLAMINGO: A John Ball Zoo Achievement !

The animal care staff is very excited this summer. We recently had two of our Chilean Flamingos lay eggs. Now you might wonder why we are so excited. We have had flamingos in the South American exhibit since 1984 when we populated it with7 birds. Over the years, we have added birds trying to build our flock and as we lost them due to various medical reasons.


Have you ever wondered where our cownose rays and white-spotted bamboo shark go when the weather gets cold?

Well they migrate to their winter holding pool. We catch them from the lagoon and transport them to a tank inside a building. Here, they have a slightly larger pool that is protected from the elements. We care for them in the same manner as when they are in the lagoon, only without the public feedings.