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Tagged: John Ball Zoo History


There was not much going on at the Zoo in the early 1900s.   There was an occasional ice skating accident, a coasting accident,  or something involving city politics, so as a historian, becoming distracted is simple.  The diversion in the September 1924 Press was a wedding between Sarah Elizabeth and the dashing theater organist Jack Edward in Norfolk, Virginia.  The curious part of this wedding was their ages.  He was a handsome and debonair 29 years and she was a wealthy widow of 82. 


With Independence Day coming up this is a great time to focus on our two Bald Eagles, Gerald and Betty.

Gerald and Betty have been long time fixtures at the zoo, arriving here in 1988 from Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri.  In 1995 a new bald eagle enclosure was built near the front of the zoo as part of the aquarium construction.  They have been there ever since.