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Tagged: Zookeeper David Blaszkiewicz


Last summer, keeper Dan and I hatched the idea of starting an enrichment garden for John Ball Zoo animals.   Novel food items (treats) are one facet of enrichment, defined as items and activities designed to stimulate the animals brains' and keep them engaged and active.  


I apologize for falling behind on my blogging,  but today I'm back to tell you about another of the conservation projects John Ball Zoo supports right here in our own backyard.  That project is Salmon in the Schools, and in conjunction with John Ball Zoo School,  we completed our ninth year last Thursday!  But before I go into the program, a little background.

John Ball Zoo's Wild Bird Life

Well, we're just entering the breeding and migration seasons for a lot of Michigan's wild bird species.  And with our varied habitat, John Ball Zoo is something of a wild oasis in the heart of Grand Rapids.  In today's blog, I'm going to introduce you to some of the species that, with a little extra effort, you might see and/or hear when you visit.