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Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

John Ball Zoo serves over 450,000 visitors per year.  In fact, we’re the fourth most attended attraction in the state of Michigan!  Our guests are almost exclusively families with children 14 years and younger.  They visit an average of two times per year and their stay is about 3 hours.  The most common answer we hear when we ask our visitors why they came to the Zoo is “It’s a great place to get together with family.”
When people are happy and enjoying themselves with family, THAT’S when you want them to see your message! 
We have many traffic-building, high profile, community centered partnership opportunities that fulfill all your needs and budget!   Please call Krys Bylund at (616)336-4374 to learn the details.

In-Zoo recognition

Put your name on the Zipline, Ropes Course.  How about your name on the lemur exhibit, snow leopard exhibit, petting corral, or budgie aviary?     Your sponsorship comes with a sign prominently displayed on the exhibit for the entire season (May – October) and a variety of other benefits including rewards for your staff or clients. 
Event sponsorship:     Our Party For the Planet event in the spring brings 5,000 guests to the zoo.  Zoo Goes Boo in October serves 16,000 trick-or-treaters over the 6 days!   Our many events are supported with advertising, social media, and publicity.

Community & Education:

Looking to give back to the community???  We have a variety of education programs for schools and individuals.  Our JUMP program provides free admission to over 30,000 area families.  You can even make the zoo affordable to all and sponsor a $1.00 day.

There are many, many more ideas! Call me! Krys - (616) 336-4374.