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Thank you for supporting our mission of inspiring others to be active participants in the conservation of wildlife and our natural environment. Our Footsteps to the Future Animal Sponsorship is essential to our conservation efforts. If we inadvertently missed your name or organization, please accept our apology and feel free to notify us - donate@jbzoo.org or 616-336-4301 ext 1002.

Updated: 1/1/2015

African Lion

Bud and Susan Brasic Family
Ron and Diane Lyons
In honor of Marilyn Chamberlain
Barb Boorn

Amur Tiger

John and Deanna Green Family
Lisa and Lily Klaasen
Matt and Sabrina Kind Family
Robert and Sobine Johnson Family
Ted and Jill Patin Family
Eric and Kristina Kaminskas Family
Daniel and Vita Eizans Family
Ben and Carey Huyser Family
In honor of Cole Schmidt
Jon and Tracey Hornbeck Family
Matt and Kristy Becker Family
Brad and Anna Bengtson Family
John, Connie and Samantha Mauk
Anna Bouwkamp
Frank and Kathy VanderMeer
Connor and Colin VanCalligan
Zoe, Rylan, Emma and Katelyn Kladder
Andrew and Taylor Irwin Family
Colin and Kristy Irwin Family
Graham and Sara Irwin Family

Bald Eagle

Bruce and Charlene Horling

Barn Owl

David and Patricia Rapp
Alex and Anna Matusikr

Black-footed Cat

Logan Beauregard


Joylynn Kelly
Carla Tuma


Jim Emelander


Aaron and Jessica Povenz Family

Cownose Stingray

Margaret Peceny

Grizzly Bear

Robert and Molly Tholl Family
Gabrielle Dark

Hoffman's Sloth

Lance, Lori and Morgan Gosselin
Biointeract and Friends Annual Fund
Kaiti Bartholomy

Howler Monkey

In memory of Mark "Tony" Horling

Leopard Shark

In Loving memory of Gabriella Jeanne
Mary Mapes and Amber Schuster Family
Julie and Todd Arney Family

Magellanic Penguin

Robert Heacox
Tara Robach
Elizabeth Larson
In honor of Cole Schmidt
Mya Schmidt
John and Deanna Green Family

Monarch Butterfly

Alissa McKenzie
Aoife McKenzie
Lily Klaasen
Isabelle Kastenholz
Michael O'Keefe
Trevor Rowland
In Memory of Gloria Federer
Chris and Allan Koch
Chelsea Dickerson
De LaSalle SAVE Club

North American Porcupine

Paul and Hailey Jahn
Jackie Fazekas
Paul and Diane Hummel
In memory of Scot O'Connor
Jude Avery
Ben and Carey Huyser Family
Easton, Charlie, Gage and Fisher Lyons
Rose Marie Rozzano
Karilyn Federick
Alissa McKenzie
Aoife McKenzie
Lisa and Lily Klassen

North American Otter

Carol Hennessy and Kenneth Nysson Family
Saranac Elementary Kindergarteners
Rachel Laughlin
Sunny Sjaarda
Philip and Annica Waalkes Family
Joylynn Kelly
Christine Wassenaar and Mark Lewis
Ava Schmidt

Puma / Mountain Lion / Cougar

Christine Wassenaar and Mark Lewis
Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Brigitte Bruggema Family

Snow Leopard

Heather and David Alfonso Family
Leslie Suelter and Jerry Calderon
Les and Linda DeJong
Jon and Nichole Chuchvara Family
Louis Educato
Eric and Catherine Mannor Family
Jennifer and Darrell Roelandt Family
Barb Boorn
Addison Schmidt

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Susan Ilka


In honor of Thomas Horling
Jim and Julie Sjaarda


Kim, Jim, Becca and Ryan Chenoweth

Wolf Eel

In honor of Thomas Horling