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John Ball Zoo Board of Directors

Kyle Smith Irwin – President Joyce Bower Matthew Kind
Tim Schowalter – Vice President Susan Brasic Rachel Mraz
Tracey Hornbeck – Secretary Lori Cook Gillbert D.A. Padula MD
Gary Milligan – Treasurer Marilyn Crawford Dean Pacific
Harold Voorhees - Member-at-Large Mimi Cummings Michael J. Taylor
Dan Molhoek - Member-at-Large Matt Heitmeier Robert Tholl Jr.
Matt Becker Carol Hennessy Wayne Wilson

Key Staff Members

Kevin O'Neill - Chief Executive Officer

Allmon Forrester - Director of Operations
Amber Holst - Director of Visitor Services
Andy McIntyre - Director of Education, Conservation, and Animals
Brenda Stringer - Director of Institutional Advancement