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Animal Outreach Programs for Scouts


The zoo can bring animals to you!! John Ball Zoo offers animal outreach programs for troops. This program makes a great addition to your regularly scheduled meeting, or can complement a badge your troop is working to earn! Get a chance to see and learn about 3 WILDLY amazing animals, in addition to a collection of our animal Biofacts (i.e. skulls, furs, feathers, etc.).

Who: All Scout Troops (Girl & Boy Scouts)
Where: We come to you!
Please note: JBZ does not travel to private residences.
Why? Outreach programs are ideal for troops currently earning badges regarding animals. These programs also make a regular troop meeting more WILD.

Cost: $70 program fee + mileage fee* = for locations within 40 miles of JBZ
$95 program fee + mileage fee* = for locations within 41-80 miles of JBZ
$120 program fee + mileage fee* = for locations within 81-120 miles of JBZ
*mileage fees are determined by the IRS standard mileage rate.
When: Monday - Friday (Sept-April), for dates occurring May-August, please call for availability
Please note: Presentation times can not start any later than 6:30 pm
Timeframe: 45 minute presentation
Capacity: No limit – feel free to book with other neighboring troops!
Register: E-mail at guestprograms@jbzoo.org, or call 616-336-8951